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Morelia Python Radio is a weekly podcast that focuses on pythons of the genus Morelia. 
Currently, the Morelia complex includes:
The Carpet python complex
Rough scaled pythons
When we started the show back in 2011, The Morelia complex also included what is now the genus Simalia.
The Scrub complex
Boelens pythons
Oenpelli pythons.
We have a special love for carpet pythons, but we love to talk about all of the different species of pythons from Australia and Indonesia and now and then we hit on other species of snakes outside of our norm. We have some of the best Morelia keepers and breeders from around the world come on and give us their insight into this great group of snakes.  Join us live and ignite your passion to "6 as shit" every Tuesday @ 9 PM EST or you can subscribe to us on Itunes or any other podcast app.
Eric Burke

 My story starts like everyone else. When I was young, I was fascinated with nature and everything about it, but it was the reptiles that grabbed my attention. It may have been because they reminded me of dinosaurs or maybe just because they were different. Whatever it was, I was committed. My dad brought home my first lizard, and I was scared and amazed all at once, but it wasn't until he brought me a garter snake that I was hooked for life. I then began moving up the species ladder from a rat snake to eventually picking up Burmese python.

The pythons sucked me in immediately. I was amazed by everything about them. I began looking everywhere for any info I could find on them. The pythons held a certain mystic for me. The way they move, the way they eat, everything about them captivated my interest. I worked with a few of them for a while, and then like most life happened, and I traded my Dad his guitar for my snake collection. Throughout my 20's I never let go of my passion and couldn't wait to one day work with snakes again.

In 2000 after I settled back into life and I decided it was time to get another snake, and it was the Burmese pythons that once again was going scratch my itch. The reptile hobby had changed so much. I remember walking around my first reptile show, thinking what the heck does het mean.
 I began putting together a collection of burms, and then I wanted to have a collection of a pair of each type of python.T hat led me to the genus Morelia. I soon abandoned the idea of keeping a pair of every kind of python, and I started researching carpet pythons, and my passion was ignited!

In 2008 I picked up a pair of coastals from Jason Baylin at east coast serpents. I then decided that carpet pythons were for me. They have such beauty, such variety, such a pallet of colors. 
I began to put together my collection of carpet pythons — hand-picking from some of the most excellent breeders around. I began to expand my collection to include the other species in the Morelia complex. 
Like many people, I looked forward to Reptile Radio every week. What a great idea those guys had. I was talking about snakes! They made many of my long commutes to work bearable. I would often ask those guys to do some shows on carpet pythons, and that got me thinking.
I thought man it would be cool to hear a show that focused on some of the less popular species of pythons, like carpet pythons.
I waited for someone to do it and nothing......Finally,  I decided to do it myself. I contacted Larry from Reptile radio for some pointers and went full steam ahead.
I couldn't do it myself, so I put the word out for a co-host, and Owen was the first guy to reach out to me. He lived by me and had more breeding experience than me. It had to be fate.  
Morelia Python Radio was born!
We started the show with always keeping the focus on the keepers and breeders and giving them a platform to talk about the species that they hold — trying all along the way to break down some of the misconceptions about some of the "less popular" species of pythons. 

Owen McIntyre

Owen has wanted to work with animals since he was three years old. Throughout his four years studying at Delaware Valley College, Owen found his passion lay in the study of reptiles and quickly began to collect his snakes. What began with a California King Snake and a baby Coastal Carpet, quickly turned into an extensive collection of pristine and valuable reptiles. Before graduating from Delval with a BS in small animal science Pre-Vet and a Minor in Biology, Owen worked at a local Zoo and educational facility as their resident Reptile Expert and head of Conservation Education. There he learned to care for a wide variety of species and successfully managed the Zoo’s reptile breeding program.

He also takes great pride in his accomplishments in educating the public. Owen has delivered dozens of live presentations to people of all age groups and experience levels with a strong passion for educating the public in this hobby we love. In the process, he was able to rub elbows with animal experts like Jungle Jack Hanna (Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo) and Clyde Peeling (director of Clyde Peeling's Reptiland). He was also able to take part in TV appearances on Maury, Letterman, Good Morning America, and Good Day Philadelphia. Owen finally parted ways with the Zoo in 2009 to pursue his interests in other fields, which included teaching and laboratory animal science. 

Currently, Owen holds a position as an associate agent at Nationwide insurance in Morgantown PA alongside his father. This allows Owen to work for himself and spend more time in the reptile world that he loves.

The Team
Rob Stone

Riley Jimison

As a kid, I grew up surrounded by various animals in the house and at the ranch. I constantly had dogs,
cats, birds, horses, rabbits, lizards, and turtles around throughout my childhood and my parents fostered
my interest in that way at an early age. By the age of 9, I got a California Kingsnake as my first pet snake
and instantly became hooked.
In my teenage years, I drifted away from keeping reptiles in favor of skateboarding and spending time
with friends. In college, I rekindled my affinity for reptiles and adopted a Chinese Water Dragon and
went down the digital rabbit hole of the reptile hobby. Over the next few years, I entrenched myself in
the Reptile Conventions and Hobby scenes as much as possible to absorb everything I could, and my
obsession exploded.
After graduating high school, I moved south to Santa Barbara, California where I received my B.S. in
Global & International Studies from U.C. Santa Barbara. While I was finishing my degree, I began
volunteering for the Santa Barbara Zoo. After nearly two years and on the verge of having to pack up
everything and move home, I was able to earn a position as an Apprentice Reptile Keeper in 2011 and
have tried to follow this path ever since. Working as a Zoo Keeper then opened my eyes to the hobbyist
side of things and I discovered the world of private reptile keeping.
After bouncing around keeping various species my interests began to narrow down to Morelia and a
select few other species. Working as a Reptile Keeper in Zoos since 2011 has allowed me to experience
hundreds of various species and really figure out what gets my gears turning. As a Zoo Keeper, I can
really fulfill some species goals without having to keep them and that has really defined my collection
today. I have been fortunate enough to work with crocodilians, venomous snakes and lizards, monitor
lizards, amphibians, invertebrates, turtles, tortoises, and various other reptiles to fulfill the itch.
Carpet Pythons, Brazilian Rainbow Boas, Black Tail Cribos, and several other species, however, captivate
me the most amongst thousands of amazing species of snakes. The Morelia Community is another
added layer of why Carpet Pythons are my favorite species of snake. Being a part of this section of the
hobby and affiliated with Carpet Python enthusiasts around the world is the best. It has become a second
family to me and I have made great friends over the years through Carpet Pythons and I am grateful for
this community.

Riley has his own podcast called The Reptile Room podcast. 
You can check it out here.